6 Types Of Land Surveys And Know How To Use Them

July 10, 2024    propertysettlementlawyersperthwa
6 Types Of Land Surveys And Know How To Use Them

When you purchase a property, there are many factors that you need to consider before closing the deal—for example, environmental factors like the risk of flooding, restrictions on building roadways, and more. If you want to avoid such potential problems, you can hire a land surveyor and a commercial property lawyer Perth who can help you.

In this blog, we will talk about the concept and the types of land surveys in Australia so that you do not have to be confused anymore. So, let’s dive right in to learn more.

What are land surveys?

When you purchase land, you must evaluate the property you are getting. To help you out in such situations, a land survey helps you understand what you are buying. It tells you everything about the land, including its size, terrain, and soil type. It can also inform you about any encroachments or easements affecting your land. Additionally, it will reveal any hidden surprises so that you do not have to deal with them later. Therefore, it is essential not only for homebuyers but also for builders planning to build infrastructures on an empty plot.

Six types of land surveys

1. Land Surveying:

This involves measuring and determining property boundaries. This process is fundamental in buying, selling, mortgaging, or leasing. Registered surveyors can help you determine the boundary marks and survey marks for your land. This knowledge is important to prevent boundary disputes as it ensures correct property transactions.

These professionals reach the site to conduct a specialized inspection using special tools. After completing the survey, the property owners need documents to install a fence or apply for Development Consent. The fence dispute lawyers can help you to fulfill the paperwork.

2. Engineering Surveying:

Such inspections are generally needed in the building and civil construction industries. The professionals take measurements and placemarks so that the constructors can build following the approved plan. They mostly work on buildings, roads, tunnels, and other forms of infrastructure.

3. Hydrographic Surveying:

Hydrographic Surveys measure the oceans and rivers or any waterways. It is important for every construction project as it evaluates how deep the building area is. Moreover, they provide significant information for landowners and developers to create drainage systems.

4. Geodetic Surveying:

The main purpose of geodetic surveys is to understand the position of distant points on the surface of the Earth. It provides the engineers with the data and information necessary to select suitable routes and sites for building construction.

5. Aerial Surveying:

For large-scale projects, these surveys are important as they inspect the urban infrastructure. Such inspections use drones or human-crewed aircraft to do their jobs.

6. Topographic Surveying:

The surveyor performs this inspection to learn the presence of artificial or natural features. For example, they may need to understand the existing buildings, easements, trees, level of the site, etc. Such surveys are important for land owners so that the architects can begin designing.

How to use them?

You can hire a land surveyor to establish property boundaries while purchasing or building a new home. They can also help you with environmental planning for your land development. Apart from this, they can also assist you in evaluating the valuation of your land. By coupling their services with the best property settlement lawyers, you can get the legal description of your property, which can come in handy during a dispute.

How can lawyers help?

Real estate solicitors work alongside surveyors on behalf of their clients to determine easements, boundary line adjustments, or agreements. By hiring a legal professional, they will advocate for your boundary line and provide representation in court in case a dispute arises.


So, now you know about the six types of land surveys and the ways to use them. However, we would like to say that if a land dispute arises, as the first line of defense, you must hire a land surveyor to determine your land’s boundary marks. In the next step, it is essential to rope in property settlement lawyers so that they can gather evidence and present your case in court.

Most advocates are adept at using mediation as the primary solution; however, they can file litigations if issues persist. When such conflicts arise, it is best to take a strategic approach and contact a lawyer.

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