What Is Adverse Possession?

Adverse Possession is a legal principle, under which someone who is in possession of land owned by another can actually become the owner if certain requirements are met for a period of time defined in the statutes of that particular jurisdiction. At customary law, with a specific end goal to set up a case for antagonistic ownership, a man who involves the land must show that they have had real ownership of the land and that ownership was selective, ceaseless, unfriendly to the interests of the proprietor and led such that it would tell the legitimate proprietor that the trespasser was under lock and key. In Western Australia the elite and persistent ownership must occur over a 12 year time frame. After 12 years time frame a man can set up the previously mentioned components and can make an application to the Commissioner of Titles for antagonistic ownership.

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Antagonistic essentially implies control of the land in a way that is opposite, or unfriendly, to the genuine proprietor’s rights. It doesn’t require any genuine threatening vibe or encounter. Genuine ownership for the most part implies the individual must be physically present on the land. It likewise requires that the occupation or trespass be more than an impermanent one. The occupier must show indications to control the land as a proprietor would, for example, living on the land, developing yields or raising domesticated animals.

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