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A lease is a legally binding contract between the-owner of property, the landlord or lessor and the third party – the tenant or lessee. The contract sets out the rights and obligations to both the parties. Many times, for commercial purpose, a landlord will appoint a property manager to act as their agent in managing the lease. Often this kind of official engagement is set out in a contract and allows the property manager to function on the behalf of the landlord and dealing with the tenants.

If you need any kind of legal advice or help with leasing and property management, feel free to contact us – Property Settlement Lawyers Perth. Our lawyers aim to provide practical, accurate, efficient, and commercial legal solutions that are also cost effective. Property Settlement Services Perth believe in constructing and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with all our clients to understand their aim so that we can help them in the best possible way to achieve their goals.

Our lawyers are experienced and capable of advising landlords, property managers and tenants on the matter of leasing and property management, including:

  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing the terms of agreements of property management and leasing, disclosure statements, notices of election to exercise an option and the tenant guide;
  • Implementing the terms and conditions of agreements of property management and leasing;
  • Representing clients in lease disputes

We pay special attention to all our clients and work towards complete customer satisfaction. You can get in touch with us – Property Settlement Lawyers Perth by giving us a call or sending an email.

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