Know the Difference Between Boundary Marks and Survey Marks

February 16, 2024    propertysettlementlawyersperthwa
Know the Difference Between Boundary Marks and Survey Marks

A land survey is a vital procedure that needs to be executed properly before property dealings. Different methods go into the umbrella term of “land survey,” of which boundary survey is one such method.

Before selling or buying a property or indulging in any other kind of property dealings, it is advised to work with a surveyor to ensure proper precautions against various types of boundary disputes.

What are Land Surveys?

In land law, a land survey is an important step since it helps to speculate measurements of the field, its planning and designing, and matches them with the legal proceedings of Perth. With the help of land surveys, the surveyor can determine if there are any disputes through research and questionnaires. If required, steps can be taken to improve any such disputes.

The different types of land surveys include:

  • Boundary Survey
  • Location Survey
  • Site Planning Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Subdivision Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • ALTA/NSPS Survey
  • Boundary Marks

One of the most important elements of land survey is the boundary marks. These are material indicators that help to mark the limits of a piece of land.

These marks help to figure out the measurements in a defined manner. Surveyors, landowners, or other land dealers use these markers to determine the boundaries of the land. The boundary marks help to avoid obscurity about the land proportions by giving a specific numerical value. This helps to avoid any possible issues in the futureThe methodology of conducting this process is to mark only corners of the land. White-painted wooden tools called “pegs” are usually used in this case. However, sometimes pegs do not work best. In these cases, other alternatives of nails, screws, or colorful flagging tapes may be used.

Understanding the disparity between boundary marks and survey marks is crucial in property transactions. Boundary marks confined the limits of a property, serving as legal indicators of its extent. On the other hand, survey marks signify specific points established by surveyors for accurate measurements and mapping. While boundary marks define property boundaries, survey marks aid in precisely locating them. In the context of property transactions, clarity on these distinctions ensures accurate delineation and prevents disputes. Property lawyers in Perth play a pivotal role in interpreting these marks, offering invaluable legal guidance and ensuring seamless property transactions.

Survey Marks

Much like boundary marks, survey marks work in similar ways. An obvious difference is that survey marks investigate and determine more information about the land than boundary marks do. However, survey marks also require wooden or plastic pegs, nails, screws, pickets, and plaques to mark areas like boundary marks.
The cadastral survey marks can be temporary or permanent. They are required to build buildings, fences, and public infrastructures like roads and walls. In structures like these, surveyors use temporary survey marks as reference points.

Permanent survey marks are used in larger construction projects. Removing these permanent survey marks without approval is strictly prohibited, as they can interfere with these landscaping projects. Consultation with an experienced surveyor is suggested in these cases.

Survey marks are used to determine the following:

  • Boundary of the land
  • Property corners
  • Fencing or walling areas
  • Easements
  • Utility placements

Importance of Boundary Marks and Survey Marks

Boundaries and survey marks are used to determine the correct measurements of a piece of land.
Surveying your land before selling, buying, or investing in it makes it easier to make plans. With the help of experienced surveyors, extracting land measurements will be vital for planning or designing your goal.
Even in the context of the construction of public utilities, marking boundaries helps to assess the mapping of the plan or duration of the project. The parties can avoid future disputes by marking the boundaries beforehand making a serious land dealing agreement. These marks are physical indications that can hold value in legal meaning. The boundary dispute lawyers in Perth assert that boundary and survey marks are proofs of boundary conflicts.


In land law, the job of the surveyor is to investigate a piece of land and extract as much information as possible to implement it in later legal incidents. Due to needing to understand the legal bounds or gravity of future issues, landowners often avoid surveying their lands.

However, the lawyers for commercial property talk about the familiarity of boundary dispute cases. Due to not taking precautions, conflicts occur regarding the height of walls, the breadth of new buildings, or neighboring walls intruding on others’ properties.

To avoid any such breach in your property settlement, contact property dispute lawyers and cadastral surveyors who will suggest the required precautionary measures.

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