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When one of the owners passes away, a survivorship application transfers the deceased’s share of a property to the remaining joint parties, or a single party. If the property is jointly owned, ownership automatically transfers to the surviving party; however, a survivorship application is required to amend the title in order that only the surviving party is listed as the owner.

You get a difficult time when someone with whom you jointly own a property dies. Whether the deceased is a business partner or a family member, you are likely to have a lot of difficulties, and filling out legal papers is just one of the numerous things you require dealing with. It is imperative that you do not ignore the survivorship application as you are busy with other arrangements you have to make. The services of Property Settlement Lawyers Perth can help you in such a difficult time. Our advice will make this process as easy as possible so that you can get more time for doing other important things.

The procedure for lodging a survivorship application may be quite straightforward, but after experiencing a loss legal paperwork is possibly the last thing you would like to consider.

There are several documents that you require getting in order for submitting your survivorship application. The documents you need to submit are:

(1) furnish a copy of the death certificate

(2) complete a statutory declaration

(3) fill out a confirmation of citizenship form

(4) complete a notice of acquisition

(5) submit the survivorship application together with all the supporting documents.

You need to sign all these documents before lodging them at the Land Titles Office along with the original title. Subsequent to the application, the title will be issued exclusively in the name of surviving party or in multiple names if there are multiple surviving parties. The team of Property Settlement Solicitors Perth can complete a Survivorship Application prudently and competently.

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