What to do about Conflicting Property Boundaries: Guide for Property Owners

April 24, 2024    propertysettlementlawyersperthwa
What to do about Conflicting Property Boundaries: Guide for Property Owners

Owning a property can be one of the greatest assets for your future and your posterity. However, in the case of disputed boundaries, you can experience a lot of stress and challenges with your neighbor.

The reason for conflicts can be wide-ranging, from unclear deeds to landscape alterations over time. This ultimate guide for property owners will help you resolve the challenges related to conflicting property boundaries by focusing on understanding joint property ownership.

What is a Property boundary dispute?

A conflict on property boundaries emerges when there is confusion and discrepancies on where the boundary begins and ends. The disagreement may be between the boundaries mentioned in deeds, neighboring property records, or surveys.

The conflicts may arise due to errors in surveys, backdated records, and a general misunderstanding related to the boundary between you and your neighbor.

How can we resolve conflicting property boundaries?

Follow the guiding steps below in case you get involved in a situation with conflicting property boundaries and intend to have a secured settlement:

1. A Thorough Review of Property Documents:

The fundamental step should be to review your property deed and all existing boundary surveys. These documents define your property lines and will enable you to have clarity. However, sometimes, you need to reinvestigate in cases where the documents have become outdated or there are discrepancies.

2. Seek help from a Professional Surveyor:

After reviewing the documents and surveys, if you fail to resolve the conflict, your next immediate step should be to appoint a professional and licensed surveyor to conduct a new survey of your property. The professional surveyor will provide an official report describing your property line based on legal descriptions and updated measurements.

3. Communicate with your neighbor:

Approach your neighbour to discuss the conflict by acquiring the latest survey and measurement. You are neighbours staying beside each other for years, so there is a chance it can be resolved through amicable communication. A mutual solution is a greater choice than a legal fight.

4. Consult with Property Settlement Lawyers:

If the mutual solution is not the outcome after discussion, then it is advisable to consult with a boundary disputes lawyer or a property settlement lawyer. These legal experts in real estate and property situations help you represent your interests and interpret legal documents.

5. The Process of Mediation and Arbitration:

Before initiating legal procedures, consider and conduct dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration. By mediation, you can resolve the conflict by involving a neutral third party who aids in concluding the matter with a voluntary agreement.

On the other hand, by arbitration, the neutral third party decides after hearing both sides. Both mediation and arbitration are cost-effective and time-consuming methods.

6. Litigation:

Legal initiatives can be necessary if none of the above-discussed procedures works, especially when the neighbor is uncooperative. The legal process can be lengthy and expensive, so make sure you discuss it with the person.

What is the role of Joint property ownership?

When two or more parties own a property, it is termed Joint property ownership. These arrangements result in boundary disputes, especially when only some owners agree on the best action. In these cases, it becomes essential for owners to communicate effectively to address boundary disputes and reach a solution.

If communication and consultations don’t resolve the issues effectively, it would be wise to take legal action.

How can the best property settlement lawyer help you resolve boundary disputes?

The best property settlement lawyers can greatly assist in solving your conflicting boundary issue, mostly when the case involves multiple parties or complex legal procedures. These boundary dispute lawyers help you negotiate legal settlements and ensure all parties abide by the regulations.


Hopefully, this guide has given you a complete rundown on things to do to mitigate property boundary issues.
Remember, boundary disputes are always stressful and disruptive and can take time to resolve. Make sure you follow the right steps to resolve these issues successfully. Having a clear understanding of your property, maintaining your records relating to surveys and measurements, and seeking help from the best property settlement lawyer can help you secure your property and boundary for generations.

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