Electronic Witnessing Of Documents: How Does It Work?

November 20, 2023    propertysettlementlawyersperthwa
Electronic Witnessing Of Documents: How Does It Work?

Electronic witnessing is one of the most popular technologies in recent years. This process is considered easy and affordable to connect people from different locations. You can use it in business dealings like signing contracts where the parties will be present remotely with the help of digital signature solutions

This technology allows the witness to see, listen, and record testimonies remotely. The witness and the accused can see and hear each other through video conferencing. Moreover, several options are available where the witness can see and hear the deposition later. This is mostly used for witnesses who cannot come in person. You can get their best opinion depending on the written deposition. A lawyer witness signature can help in a lot of ways. Here are a few things to note in this regard:

What is electronic witnessing, and why is it gaining popularity?

Electronic witnessing is possible because people use digital signatures. The digital signature is a mathematical structure that comes up with the proper authentication of digital messages and documents. You can verify that the document is the same as it was the original signed one.

The platforms are mostly known to work in the same manner. The parties will log in and can sign the contract. The witness can even add their digital signature to the documents. This is in the form of an e-signature or biometric signature. Biometric signature uses fingerprints or iris scanning to verify and confirm your identity.

This is considered to be a growing and popular method because of the additional security layer it comes up with. It is important to get online witnesses of documents. The parties need this extra step to focus on the importance of documents and the correct signatures and other situations.

Lists of signed documents that can be witnessed via online modes

The list of signed documents which you can witness via online methods is stated here:

Without special witness:

  • Consider having a special witness in the following cases for online witnessing:
  • Acceptance statement for the lawyer appointment.
  • Acceptance statement for an alternative lawyer
  • Acceptance statement for a supportive lawyer
  • With special witness

You must have a special witness while you opt for electronic witness in the following documents.

  • Power of lawyer
  • Appointment of a supportive lawyer.
  • Revocation of a supportive lawyer.
  • Revocation of the enduring power of lawyer
  • Role of E-Signatures in Online Witnessing
  • Electronic signatures are needed for technological innovation and rising digitalization. You must get the singer, sender, and witness in one place. This process is considered to be fast and cheap.

The signatures play a crucial role in the process of document witnessing. E-signatures are a part of the legal rules and regulations. You need to do them electronically. The adverse possession lawyers in perth prefer wet ink signatures, where the person signs on the paper with a pen. This is an alternative option for electronic signatures. It is not against any form of electronic signature.

How does electronic witnessing actually work?

Online witnessing is the best option for you if the document needs to be witnessed. This states that the witness will be present via audio-video means. It is important to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Make sure that the parties are connected with an audio-visual link.
  • The witness needs to be satisfied when the document signed is similar to that of the signatory. The signatory is the person who has already signed the document.
  • The witness must see the witness’s signature via an audio-visual link.
  • It is important to make sure that each and every aspect of the witness process is completed on the same day.
  • The witness needs to have a document statement that carries the rules and requirements of the witness via audio-visual link.
  • Witnesses must not have to be present physically to witness the document with an audio-visual link. They will have to follow the Australian laws and regulations for the witnessing process.
  • Witnesses need to fulfill their duties as per the law. This is in addition to the requirements present while they witness the process by audio-visual link.
  • The parties must have proper access to the equipment and the software. You need to notice that they can handle audio-visual platforms as well.

Benefits and drawbacks of electronic witnessing.

Some of the benefits of electronic witnessing are stated hereafter:

Convenient: You should not have to be in the same place where the other parties will sign the contract. This makes the process much more convenient for each and every one.

Fast: You can sign the contract very fast as you do not have to be present in the same place. This is the best fit to opt for the closed deal.

Environmental Friendly: This is more environmentally friendly. You can save the paper and reduce the carbon footprint.

Secure: The process is considered to be safe and more secure than the other method. The signature can be stored securely, and no one can change or upgrade it.

Cheap: The process is much cheaper than the other methods. You will not have to pay for additional elements like notaries and witnesses.

Several drawbacks are also available when you opt for online witnessing:

Many people do not have proper access to advanced technology. People need a wt signature or shared e-signature tools for remote transactions.

People have the belief of trusting technologies but not changing as per it. This is where wet signatures play a crucial role.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Some of the frequently asked questions about electronic witnessing are stated hereafter:

1. Can I witness the Document Signing by Skype

It is important to consider that you can use video-conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom. Moreover, there are traditional options available for you as well.

2. Can I witness the document signing electronically?

You can opt for a wet ink signature. The witness who is present physically can see this signature on the document electronically.


Electronic witnessing of documents is considered to be a convenient and efficient choice when compared to other traditional methods. You must know about the legal requirements and considerations involved. You must have a proper audio-visual link to witness the documents legally online. Moreover, it is important to note that every party wants to opt for remote witnessing. The witness must clearly see the signee who attaches their signature to the document. Several residential property lawyers perth have thought that they will have to redo the signing process of the documents. The witness should come up with a declaration statement that they are well aware of the legal requirements. Reach out to the best property settlement lawyers to get the process done and completed smoothly and conveniently.

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